Residential Services

* Basement Walls

* Exterior Walls

* Water/Septic Tanks

* Residential Walls



* Plastic/HDPE Sewer Pipe

* Basements/Foundations

* Roofs

* Water/Sewer Main Lines


Insulating your walls with polyurethane foam provides maximum insulation and air/vapor barrier. Other alternatives like fiberglass batts don’t even come close to the insulation value you get from closed cell polyurethane foam.


Water/Septic Tanks

Your Water/Septic Tanks need to be insulated properly to withstand the freezing Fairbanks winters.


Sewer Pipes

We have pre-insulated sewer pipe for your home or we can come to your house and insulate it on site.



To ensure a long lasting air/vapor barrier you need a well insulated foundation


To keep the heat in you have to keep it from going up through your roof. We can spray right on top of your existing roof and cover it with a professional coating to protect from the suns rays to last 30+ years.


Water Lines

Keeping your water lines from freezing is crucial to surviving the cold winters as the ground freezes in the winter as well.

RSS Cold Climate Housing Research Center Articles And Updates

  • “Built to Code” March 26, 2015
    Owning a home that is built to code gives you access to many mortgage options and rebate programs, and can make it easier to sell your home when the time comes. But what does it mean to say a house is “built to code”? A house is built to code when it meets the requirements […]
  • A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Northern Communities November 14, 2014
    Tens of millions of dollars are spent each year on housing and infrastructure to improve quality of life in rural Alaska – wind turbines, power houses, roads, housing, weatherization, plumbing, and much more. Meanwhile, many Alaska communities are struggling to survive in the face of energy costs, climate change, coastal erosion, lack of jobs, and […]
  • What are Vacuum Insulated Panels? September 15, 2014
    Vacuum insulated panels, or VIPs, are a relatively new product making their way into buildings in the United States. They can be used as stud cavity insulation or as continuous exterior insulation on structures, just like other types of insulation. As the name describes, VIPs consist of a panel with the air inside of it […]
  • Moisture Performance of Cellulose Insulation August 13, 2014
    Building envelopes have a hard job in Interior Alaska—keeping us warm, dry and healthy at 40-below. CCHRC tests a variety of building designs and products to see how they can be applied in this environment. We recently studied the moisture performance of cellulose insulation to see how it compared to other common types, like fiberglass […]
  • What is Timber Frame Construction July 24, 2014
    Timber frame homes are characterized by large structural wooden beams visible throughout the interior. Timber-frame construction techniques have been in use for hundreds of years throughout the world, initially brought to North America by European settlers. The skilled craft of timber framing remained common practice until the early 19th century, at which point both milling […]

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